A loud shout-out to lovely thoughtful new Mama Zoe Kazan @zoeinthecities for sharing her brilliant and heart-felt wish to see more winners thank their Nannies this award season.  Agents managers producers & family members most certainly deserve their time in the sun, but can we all please nod our heads and put our hands together (as award show audiences love to do) for the INCREDIBLE childcare providers who allow working parents from all walks of life do their thang?  Remember 2012 – when Meryl Streep thanked “God … Harvey Weinstein” upon accepting her Globe? Well … it’s time to put that baby to bed and cheer for the behind-the-scenes SUPERSTARS who put other peoples’ babies to bed the world over.  Thank you Zoe. We couldn’t agree with you more!https://www.theloop.ca/zoe-kazan-thinks-that-celebs-should-publicly-thank-their-nannies/