In the new year I wanted to give back in a bigger way.

I have been an activist for women and human rights organizations for years. This year I wanted to pick a non profit that I could sink my teeth into.

I have been involved personally with this organization for years as I met Chelina Odbert in 2000 who came in to The Help Company for a job as a nanny.

She evolved and 4 years later went to Harvard, and continued on to start the Kounkuey Design Initative (KDI), a project to use design to develop and improve physical, economic, and social quality of life in developing countries. KDI works to create productive public spaces. The project has seen grown from developing countries to under served areas in our backyards.


I was lucky enough to visit Kibera, Kenya, one of her first projects, where I was able to help women start a bakery and a business to support themselves. They taught me more about life and motherhood then I taught them about starting a business. It was a win win week for me.

Since then, The Help Company in Los Angeles has officially chosen KDI as their charity project partnership. Throughout the year we will donate a portion of our profit to their projects, as well as work, volunteer, and promote their ongoing efforts. We are so proud and excited to be a part of this. We look forward to watching them develop and grow.

-Claudia Kahn, founder