We know how hard it can be to think of healthy ideas for your child’s lunchbox. See below for some great tips from one of our most trusted chefs. We are happy to introduce you to Chef Paola Petrella.

Fall greetings!

With the end of summer and the beginning of fall,  the time has come to gear up your kids for a healthy school year!

LET ‘S DO THIS; MOMS, DADS, GRANNIES & NANNIES!                                  

Our kids success, depends on the support we give them and the tools we provide them to stay strong in body, mind & spirit.

It is time to rethink new and improved options for the entire family. And for this….you just have to make a few changes or adjustments to your day to day.

They key is to be committed to HEALTHY habits and they will simply become part of your daily routine.

As a mother of two and professional chef, I know that my family’s health and habits depend on what I put on the table. It is my job to expand their options and protect their health.

Follow these tips and keep them as reminder in your kitchen.                                  

They will help you stay on the HEALTHY track…!

My English Style Egg Salad Sandwich Bites…will be a great addition to your lunchbox ideas or after school fuel for the kids.


  1. A well balanced BREAKFAST will ignite their brain & strength!
  2. Commit to 4 days a week of fresh meals.
  3. Avoid cafeteria food that is processed and prepackaged
  4. Discuss weekly menus with your kids. Consider their requests.
  5. MAKE IT FUN FOR THEM! Nobody wants the same sandwich every day.
  6. Take turns making the lunchbox. It keeps it interesting.
  7. Think fresh & seasonal when preparing the lunchbox.
  8. Always include COLD water for their entire school day.
  9. Have a healthy protein snack afterschool each day. HOMEWORK FUEL!
  10. Ideal dinner time

Egg Salad & Whole Grain Bites

This recipe is great for their school lunch hour or afterschool snack. Eggs are packed in protein and the whole grain bread will add the perfect amount of fiber they need. If you are gluten free, simply replace the bread.


Serves: 4

Preparation Time: 20 minutes max.

4 eggs

1/2 tbsp. light mayo

1 tsp Dijon

Splash of Worcestershire

¼ cup finely diced onions

¼ cup finely chopped celery.

½ tsp chopped dill.

6 cucumber slices

Kosher Salt to taste

1 pinch ground white pepper

A couple cherry tomatoes

¼ tsp olive oil



Place eggs in small pot with cold water.

Bring water with eggs to a boil.

Cover the pot and turn heat off.

Let eggs cook in the covered hot water (turned off) for 15 minutes exactly.

Remove from heat, chill in ice water and peel shells off immediately.



Cut in half the peeled eggs and place them into a bowl. Smash eggs until desired texture. I like mine smooth and less lumpy

Fold in Mayo, Dijon, Splash of Worcestershire, diced onions, diced celery, dill, salt and pepper. Mix well until smooth.

Place a nice heaped spoonful of egg salad onto one bread. Spread evenly.

Top with cucumber slices. Top with Bread.

Cut crust off and slice into bite size pieces.

Season pre washed Cherry tomatoes with salt, pepper and olive oil.                                            

Serve on the side with Egg Salad Sandwich Bites.


Hope your kids love this snack as much as mine do!

Chef Paola

Chef Paola

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