Thank you to Debra Delson whose nutrition and chef background are top notch, we needed something else besides pasta today! Debra likes to create recipes super easy for anyone to make, even if you don’t cook. Don’t worry about exact amounts that make it stressful. Cooking is not stressful. It is healing and easy when guided.

Green Monster Soup (this is a vegan soup) – the combination of vegetables, roots, herbs and seasoning all work together to pump up immune response and healing processes from a cellular level.

Cut up, rough cuts, nothing perfect because you are going to blend it:

*1 onion
*4-5 heads garlic
*1 head broccoli
*1 head cauliflower
*1 bag pre-washed cut up spinach
*1 head of Swiss chard or kale
*4 carrots
*6 small red potatoes, if they are large then 4 (this thickens your soup naturally)
*1 head cilantro
*1 green apple, skin on

Put all the vegetables in a big soup pot, cover with water to ¼ below the top of the pot.

Season with Celtic sea salt, must be Celtic, has minerals your body needs, otherwise don’t use salt!

Bring the pot to a boil, then reduce the heat to a simmer and cover so the water doesn’t all evaporate. Let simmer for an hour. You want all the veggies cooked until soft.

Then turn off the heat, uncover and let cool down.

If you have a hand held blender stick, use that, easiest. If not ladle soup into blender, must be cooled.

Blend the soup until creamy and fully pureed.

Some ideas to do with the soup for the family

*Have bowl of soup with a rotisserie chicken (yes you can buy it!) or roast some chicken. If you have children, you can make some rice, pasta or serve with some warmed tortilla on the side. Kids need carbs…and they love them.

*Have a bowl of soup and add chunks of avocado to the top and a drizzle of olive oil. Yum! Complete meal.

*For kids, make a bowl of soup and make a grill cheese sandwich on the side. Use whole grain or gluten free bread and organic cheese. Please try to use either grass fed butter or olive oil for cooking the grill cheese.

*For adults, bowl of soup, bake some fish or other protein on the side.

These are just some ideas to show you how to incorporate it into meals or just a simple meal on its own. Enjoy in good health!