“What is your wish list?” may be the single most classic Help Co. question asked of both clients and candidates.   Generally speaking, the longer the wish list, the longer the search.  A well-intentioned yet particularly detailed wish list has even been known to cause complete analysis-paralysis.

It sounds to us like this dear Mama is looking to replicate herself, and who is she?  A high-powered, type-A extreme athlete/c-suite executive. Odds are, she’s more likely to find her doppelgänger in the office next door versus the house next door.  This is not to say Nannies aren’t high-level thinkers.  Quite the opposite.   Nannies are incredible.  The most celebrated CEO may be stopped in his/her tracks when squaring off with a willful 3-year old who is mid-trantrum, whereas an unflappable Nanny will always bust out all the right moves.
Nannies choose a career with children versus a life behind a desk for any number of reasons, so we counsel families to look for things like a background in child development or early childhood education, good references and loyalty on a resume, versus more specialized skills like the ability to extract data from a pivot table — river swim or ski down a black diamond.  A Nanny may or may not also be a chef, assistant, coach, tutor or otherwise.  Fundamentally — the most important attribute she brings is her ability to hold down the fort while creating a loving and safe environment for the children, and that my friends, is some next-level high-voltage super-power shit that can take on many forms.
Bottom line, it sounds to us like this Mom risks drowning while attempting to swim upstream. She may have a lot more fun and be much better served if only she’d jump in the pool with the rest of us! #nowhiring