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Hi Ladies, I just wanted to say thank you for being who you are and operating your business the way you do. You conduct thorough interviews and it feels like you really get a sense of the types of candidates you have, both personally and professionally. You don’t just dust over things and you don’t waste time focusing on irrelevant topics. You let your candidates speak, and you listen. Apart from the above, you are all kind, professional, positive and encouraging to your candidates. From my personal experience, you are an exceptionally rare in your industry! Keep it up!

the help company gives back

As of 2013, a portion of our profit will go to help fund the Kounkuey Design Initiative (KDI). KDI is a nonprofit organization committed to developing Productive Public Spaces in impoverished areas around the world that improve physical, social and economic quality of life.
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Tired of Pasta?

Tired of Pasta?

Thank you to Debra Delson whose nutrition and chef background are top notch, we needed something else besides pasta today! Debra likes to create recipes super easy for anyone to make, even if you don’t cook. Don’t worry about exact amounts that make it stressful....

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Do Nannies Do Housework

Do nannies do housework? Do nannies do housework? The answer to that question depends on the nanny, the employer and the job requirements that both parties agreed to during the hiring process. Most childcare agencies agree that it is acceptable to include a request...

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