Our Story

Advocacy is in our DNA.

The Help Company is all about using the power of human connection to place outstanding candidates in exceptional domestic and corporate positions.

We also care deeply about protecting the rights of the people we place. Influenced by her time with The Human Rights Watch, our pioneering founder, Claudia Kahn, drafted contracts that established fair pay standards, paid time off, and inclusive healthcare packages for domestic workers long before it was legislated for.

Today, our team continues to do everything according to these founding values of care for others, active listening, trust in our intuition, and good old-fashioned hard work. It’s how we make wish lists a reality.

We attract the very best talent because they know we value them beyond the resume and will champion their needs with a heartfelt devotion.



The best come to us because we’re the best at what we do.

The way we work is a bit old-fashioned, and we think that’s a good thing.

We define your
wish list.

No algorithm can beat the power of human connection. That’s why our team devotes serious time to talking one-on-one with both clients and candidates. Together, we help you identify and define what you actually need or want before helping you build your wish list of must-haves.

We get
to know you.

After decades in business, we know the right questions to ask. We always meet face-to-face to truly understand the personality types and professional expectations of all involved before we suggest any matches.

We forge forever relationships.

We’re not in this to make a quick buck (did we mention we don’t work on commission?). We’re here to create productive professional relationships that go the distance because, ultimately, that’s the best thing for everyone involved.

We are The Help Company.

We’re a team of straight shooters who care deeply, hustle hard, and always deliver on time and in full.

Claudia Kahn

Claudia Kahn

Elizabeth Mallin

Elizabeth Mallin

Naomi Fabe

Naomi Fabe

Katie Trevino

Katie Trevino

Michele Craig-Lasman

Michele Craig-Lasman

Robin Meek

Heather Ellison Anguiano

Laura Carney

Laura Carney

Our Story Bottom

It all started with our own kids…

Let’s go back to the beginning. To 1981. The year of the McDonald’s McNugget, the first cell phone call, and the birth of founder Claudia Kahn’s baby boy! As her maternity leave came to an end, Claudia set out to find a caregiver for young Andrew.

After a rough start (she once came home to find an inebriated nanny!), she concluded there must be a better way and plotted a course to find it. Steered by gut instinct, street smarts, and love, Claudia – a people-person if ever there was one – hit a home run with her next hire. Soon, friends started to ask her to find them their nannies and a business was born.

The Help Company has since expanded from a little nanny agency into a full-service placement company. Still, we continue to bring the same passion and care Claudia brought to her first search to each and every search we do.


We care. A lot.

We listen carefully, connect authentically, and tailor-make each search to meet your unique wish list of needs. Our recruiters never work on commission, so, for us, this process is not about the end sale; it’s about crafting meaningful, long-lasting relationships. Our impressive retention rates and roster of happy candidates and clients remain the ultimate measure of our collective success.