estate management

We know every home is unique.  It’s our job to find the multi-tasking, pro-active professionals to whom you can entrust the management of your home, be it mid-century or turn of the century, cozy or cavernous.  Our candidates have verified references and are matched to our clients based on the specific range of services required.

salary range: $100,000 – $300,000/year

we place estate & household staff:

+ estate managers

An Estate Manager will cover the day to day as well as the overall financial and logistical coordination and management of one or more properties.  The level of involvement and range of services will vary depending on the specific estate.

sample list of services

• hiring, training & coordinating all staff needs for the estate
• errandssupervising household vendors & schedules
• supervising all grounds maintenance & renovation, as needed
• financial management across multiple properties
• guest reception & concierge services
• special event coordination & supervision
• maintenance of all estate records

+ butler/majordomo

You finally have the home of your dreams … but there’s so much to do to keep everything running properly!  This is where a Butler or Majordomo comes in. A Butler or Majordomo is typically devoted to one person or family, working primarily within the home to ensure that every possible need is met and that the home is run like a five star hotel. The level of involvement and range of services will vary depending on the specific home.

sample list of services

• packing & unpacking
• polishing silver
• setting the table
• formal service
• ironing
• housekeeper training
• driving

+ houseman/housewoman

A Houseman or (housewoman!) will typically have a good deal of construction/”handyman” experience and will be hired to complete hands-on interior and exterior work.

sample list of services

• furniture lifting/cleaning
• cleaning of all exterior fixtures
• hands-on repairs
• errands
• automobile maintenance
• landscape maintenance
• supervision of vendors

+ house manager

A house manager is modeled after a European style butler and oversees the domestic duties of maintaining a single household. The level of involvement and range of services will vary depending on the size of the household but generally involve services from across the board of estate management. The benefit of having a house manager on staff is to alleviate the employer/client from the day to day management.

sample list of services

• staff training, discipline & management
• supervising other household contractors such as gardeners, painters & contractors
• manage funds-allocation for the upkeep of the household & grounds
• wardrobe management
• wine cellar maintenance
• light housekeeping
• household errands
• antique & silver care
• guest reception & service
• vehicle maintenance

+ chauffeurs

A chauffeur’s responsibilities will vary depending on the needs of the household, but are generally limited to driving, vehicle maintenance and light personal assistant work.  A chauffeur can be live-in or live-out, full or part-time, permanent or temporary.

sample list of services

• driving the employer & household members
• vehicle maintenance & oversight
• light personal assistant work, such as errands

+ personal assistant candiates

A PA will free you from your day to day minutia, he/she will be your shadow, your gal (or guy!) Friday … always on hand to handle both your business and personal life. These candidates come equipped with their own “black book,” and a ‘no job too small’ attitude.

sample list of services

• calendar management
• travel research, coordination & booking
• bill pay
• event coordination
• project management
• home & office organization
• reservation & appointment booking
• errands

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