Busy working Hollywood parents need a super star that wants an adventure in NYC


Posted : 01/01/70

We are looking for an awesome nanny that will integrate in to the family before the family goes in to high powered work for their tv pilot. They will be moving to NY from August to November. Most likely you will be living with the family. They do not want to work any one to the bone, They are respectful. The children are 3 and 8 and they are sweet and fun with wonderful manners. The kids will not be going to school while in NYC, but there will be a tutor with them. They want someone to take them on adventures to the park, to the museum, to the zoo, etc. It will be a blast if you really would love to have a 3 month adventure in NYC. We are trying to match the personality trait that would be great…Sweetness is important. If you could cook dinner for the kids that would be great!

This job has been filled.

This job has been filled, but feel free to checkout some of our other open postings!

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