Butler needed for International business couple


Posted : 01/01/70

Butler/House Manager Duties

AM Checklist

*Check calendars and schedule/plan day accordingly.

*Wipe down and check all autos inventory & gas if necessary.

*Bring in mail, place in kitchen.

*Walk Through of Interior, check all lights, put away items

*Answer/write emails.

*Check internet status

*Walk Through of Exterior re: landscape inspection, supply needs, schedules, weather, cover. Check dog poop. Check all exterior light bulbs. Replace as needed.

*Check play equipment, slide for cleanliness.

*Make sure outdoor furniture clean and in proper location.

*Installation & maintenance of flowers for the home.

*Run errands-Pick up packages at office bring lunch to office

*Check houskeeper’s work and if she needs any help.

*Check and restock bar and gym refrigerators, & toiletries

*Check gate and garage door function.

*Organize closet.

*Press Principal’s clothing as needed.

*Polish shoes and put away.

*Organize supplements and toiletries. Order as necessary.

*Take shirts to dry cleaners as necessary.

*Contact vendors for repairs and schedule.

*Check gym equipment for proper operation.

*Check printers if ink and paper needed.

*Water orchids/trim leaves/ change water in other florals

*Manage any subs or vendors in house.

*Check all TV’s and AV equipment for proper operation.

*Check all clocks for proper time.

*Check blinds for proper operation.

*Check fireplace for proper operation.

*Inspect windows – touch up clean as needed.

*Check LR sliding doors for proper operation.

*Manage Amazon orders from Chef, Nannies, Housekeepers, landscaper.

*Check inventories.

*Set dining room table – candles, flowers only if family is all eating but not if Mr. is eating alone.

*Light fire. Remote control in black box on coffee table. It has a high setting and several different low settings. The third low setting is popular.

*Greet guests, take coats/bags, serve cocktails if entertaining.

*Turn on interior and exterior lights to Mr.’s preferred brightness. Look at Lighting Chalon document for directive.

*Greet Principal upon return home. Assist with any packages.

*Wipe down & check auto inventory including gas gage.

*Wipe down/dust/cars. Vacuum inside, remove trash, restock

*Serve and clear dinner service.

*Make sure all of the Principal’s needs have been met before leaving.

*Tidy up family kitchen.

*Straighten up living room and dining room if they have been entertaining.

*Turn off lights and fire.

*Blow out candles.

*Lock up check all doors

Clean silver.
Oil dining room table.
Check wine and bar inventory.
Oil outside dining table.
Check outdoor grill operation.
Check gate and garage doors for proper operation.
Make sure staff expense reports in on timely basis.
Inspect entire property for termites.

Purchase and arrange flowers.
Schedule subcontractors and vendors.
Wash cars.
Gas cars.
Update status of maintenance projects on house.
Update house manual as needed.

Arrange termite treatments.
Car registrations renewed.
Car maintenance performed on time.

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