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Coolest EA job for coolest Television company in town

We have a first assistant position at one of the fastest growing production company’s in town!  The President needs someone with experience working for a high level exec in the biz!! someone who can run his life and show, run the day to day , keep him on track, run his calendar so that it is seamless between his family, his company and his personal.   He is extremely busy from running the company to creating A level shows. He wants a passionate, smart cookie who is dying to make shows, or savvy about marketing, or curious about production. You have been an avid reader, you know EVERYTHING that is going on in the city – you are a “foody” and can get him in to the hottest restaurant in town. You were top of your class, you always wanted to make movies – you are quick on your feet, and you are always two steps ahead! Salary will be in line with what ever you think is fair! 😉 Great benefits, and you can be sure that in two years, you also will be the one making decisions.  

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