Cutest family needs a part time hsk 3 days a week


Posted : 01/01/70

This is a very straight forward houskeeping job for a DARLING young family who just built their dream home in Brentwood! They have 2 kids and mom is due with a third! HELP!!! The nanny does the kids rooms and the kids laundry, so you have the master and their clothing. They steam the clothes, they do not iron! They would love someone that knows which product to use where, a

6000 sq. ft. n. 25 an hour. – kid goes to circle of children. could do
2 and 4 and due with a new baby.. – they need to be good w/ kids… and small dog – nanny does the kids laundry… she does the bedding for the kids.. they are in cribs. my older one is moving to a twin bed..
cleaning bed and baths..
we want someone that knows how to use the productas
marble counters and wood floors and windows!
2 days a week for now…
self starter and somoen that loves
they steam the clothes. no ironing

This job has been filled.

This job has been filled, but feel free to checkout some of our other open postings!

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