Eastside Family needs Full time Flexible Nanny


Posted : 01/01/70

Family with one 3 year old boy and a small dog needs a full time, easy going , mature and flexible nanny who can work 40 hours per week Monday through Friday. Family would love someone who has gone to a great college or maybe been a preschool teacher. Maybe once a month they will ask you to work a Saturday night but it is very rare. Mom works from home so they need someone very easygoing and who has a laid back personality, Dad is out of the home until the evening. The position will start with family errands: groceries, dry cleaning light housekeeping which is mostly the boys toys and laundry and some tidying up ( loading dishes or making a bed but no deep cleaning). When you are with the little boy, the parents want you to be 100 percent engaged. The little boy goes to a preschool nearby. Hours are mostly 12 or 1 pm to 8 pm or 9 pm but the most important quality we are looking for is flexibility. If the son has a fever at 9 pm at night they may want you to come in the next morning and work the whole day. Or if dad has to work late can you stay late with no notice? Most of the time you will not work 40 hours but they will pay you / guarantee you for 40 hours every week. What they would like in exchange is ultimate flexibility. They do not want you to make plans Monday through Friday so that you can be entirely flexible. $25 Cash or on the books .

This job has been filled.

This job has been filled, but feel free to checkout some of our other open postings!

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