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Fabulous job for fabulous housekeeper who loves kids


Posted : 01/12/24

Job Description from the client!!!
8 AM – 6PM (might change by 30 minutes to an hour on either end i.e. 8:30AM-6:30PM)
-grocery shopping
-prepare dinner for children and family to snacks and lunch as needed for kids
-meal plan for the week with Pamela
-keep house tidy (including sweeping, keeping surface dust free, vacuuming, tidying up, taking out the garbage, cleaning up the kitchen etc.)
-manage cleaners that will come 1-2x a week for deep cleaning of bathrooms kitchen etc and hard to reach surfaces like moldings light fixtures etc.
-do laundry for household (children and parents)
-iron as needed
-clean bedsheets and towels weekly
-run errands as needed – dry cleaner, pharmacy etc.
-wait for deliveries and or maintenance people that need supervision (HVAC etc)
-special projects as needed (i.e. organizing closets, toys etc.)
-children attend school all day
-Oscar 8:30AM – 2:45PM
-Eva 8:15AM – 3PM
– manage children and their schedules after school
-children attend two different schools – pickup will be coordinated with Pamela and or activities will be coordinated so it is feasible to pick up both children after school as needed.
– bathe children
– host and coordinate playdates as needed
-positive outlook
-detail oriented
-hard working
-team player
-friendly (interested in making connections with other caregivers in the neighbor to coordinate playdates, park get togethers)
-able to travel with family to Hamptons in the summer (July to August)
-willing to drive (nice to have)
-able to swim (nice to have)
***live-in a possibility for the right candidate (then we would need to talk more about the hours and schedule; would need help on Saturdays and a few evenings)

This job has been filled.

This job has been filled, but feel free to checkout some of our other open postings!

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