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Lovely family in need of a wonderful household manager


Posted : 04/11/23

This fabulous loyal, generous family is in need of an organized house manager that could also oversee construction.

Private San Francisco-based family seeks a Household Manager who is able to oversee the maintenance of their residences, as well as oversight of the family’s additional projects. The position’s primary responsibility will be domestic property management, supervising construction and renovation projects, overseeing all vendor and contract communication, maintaining household inventory, updating manuals, contacts, insurance, and events planning. Additional support to the family including family calendar management, travel arrangement, as well as taking caring of pets will be required. The ideal candidate will act as an additional liaison between the family and the other household staff. The position consists of a full time, 5-day work week, Monday through Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm with overriding flexibility, some remote capabilities, and availability to work extended hours and weekends when necessary.

Household & weekend home:
• Perform weekly walkthroughs using household checklists to identify action items.
• Managing the on-site personnel at main property as well as other properties in the estate (San Francisco, Inverness/Point Reyes)
• Occasionally helping with cat care (occasional feeding, little box cleaning, booking vets, cat sitters, etc)
• On/off boarding and managing household staff, vendors, contractors, etc.
• Maintain a household vendor list.  Build strong relationships with vendors.
• Coordinate household staff and assist with monthly schedules.
• Identify and oversee various household projects as needed.
• Keep an inventory of personal items for principals, and restock as needed.  Manage PAR lists.
• Keep an inventory of all household supplies (light bulbs, batteries, cleaning supplies). 
• Maintain and update household manuals.
• Maintain an approved product list for home and personal items, including sourcing information.
• Shop for household items as needed.
• Monthly/weekly purchase order submission, get approval, place orders, and track delivery status.
• Prepare and submit expense reports.
• Secure residence at end of the day when needed – all doors locked, security system armed.
• Light household chores.
• Respond to incoming calls and greet guests.
• Oversee onsite vendors as needed.   
• Prepare home for occasional events. Coordinate with vendors for holiday decor (Halloween, Christmas).
• Maintain Principals’ personal iCal calendars (separate from professional calendars).
• Schedule personal appointments.  Calendar items forwarded by Principals.
• Update and maintain Contacts list.  Ensure information is synced to phones.
• Maintain a filing system for household needs (e.g., car registrations, maintenance contracts, warranties, contractor bids, etc.).
• Email a daily activities report to Principals.
• Purchase gifts, develop and maintain gift tracker, and review and audit receipts. 
• Occasional wardrobe maintenance, i.e., schedule tailor, cobbler, etc.
• Work with lawyers and accountant as needed.
• Assist with personal archival projects.
Car Care:
• Maintain vehicle cleanliness: interior and exterior,  hand washing on site.
• Maintain vehicle readiness: fuel, tire pressure, service records, etc. 
• Prepare and maintain vehicle checklist,  pre- / post-use.
• Prepare/maintain Principals’ comfort items in the vehicles: water, tissues, umbrellas, etc.
HR Responsibilities:
• Assist the family office in household staff hiring.
• Conduct phone/video interviews and determine the qualification of candidates.
Research & Exploration
• Collect information, perform research and data analysis as needed; provide suggestions to the Principals with the best solution to solve problems. 
• Observe and participate in the daily work to continuously optimize the workflow & process, improve team efficiency, and reduce the interventions by Principals.
• Have at least 3 years of management experience.
• Have experience managing 3+ subordinates.
• Bachelor’s degree or above.
• Proven experience working as a personal assistant is required.
• Experience working in the Hospitality industry or a family office is preferred.
• Excellent learning ability and has a passion for exploration, research, and analysis.
• Vault-like ability to maintain confidentiality and be ultra discreet.
• Demonstrate excellent email etiquette, concise and accurate communications.
• Maintain strictest confidences – never disclose Principals’ contact information.
• Strong work ethic, reliable, punctual, and honest. Practical and efficient.
• Flexibility to work weekends and evenings.
• Must be very technically savvy. Experience with iCloud, Dropbox, and Slack. 
• Resourceful in terms of internet search and online shopping.
• Comfortable with iPhone, including texting, camera phone, and smartphone apps. 
• Highly organized, meticulous, detail-oriented, and thorough. Able to multitask and prioritize well.
• Positive attitude, team player, capable of working well with a vast array of high-quality vendors.
• Personable, gracious, and polite, with excellent people skills.
• Excellent command of the English language, both written and spoken.
• Proactively identifies and resolves problems.  
• Able to work independently but takes direction well from Principals.
• Able to perform physical, hands-on tasks in order to assist the household and staff office to run well.  Must be able to lift 40 pounds.
• Flexible and able to accommodate spontaneous changes to routines and plans. 
• Able to travel with Principals to assist.
• Long-term intent.
• The Personal Assistant/Household Manager candidate must be legally authorized to work in the United States without sponsorship for employment visa status.
• Able to pass an extensive background check, credit, and reference checks.
• Willing to take a pre-employment physical, psychological exam, and drug screen.
• Service-oriented and attention to detail.
· Principal’s First
Highly Private Clients are the focus, and Principals are the Clients.
· Learn from mistakes
Brave to face and admit the truth.  Learns and grows from mistakes. Makes thoughtful choices and changes to avoid mistakes or at least low-cost mistakes. High-cost or repeated mistakes will lead to disciplinary action.
· Conscientious
Finish duties conscientiously, effectively, and promptly.
· Dedication
Be dedicated. Keep improving.
· Accountable
Due diligence. Be accountable.
· Independent
Think and act independently.
· Resilience
Do not complain or shy away from assigned works. Confronts difficulties bravely. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. 

This job has been filled.

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