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Full Time Professional Laundress for Fabulous Family with a Fabulous Wardrobe


Posted : 02/13/23

This VERY stylish family is looking for a professional laundress for their wardrobe needs. Mom is a high fashion television personality High fashion television celebrity / stylist mom wants her clothing cared for with the most

Laundress – expensive designer clothes to the kids clothes
IRONING is a big big thing in this house.
She irons the sheets –
silk sheets in master bedroom.

celebrity fashion person!! tv personality – designer, stylist
someone who has good style is a major bonus.

wants a can-do attitude –
she gauges
somoeone that can prepare a light meal for kids – 6 and 8 – very very lovely kids, well mannered

little dog goldendoodle

in a need for a laundress – a proper laundress

in lou of that – she would take a housekeeper – would like to have someone who has experience working in professional environments who doesn’t have a problem working weekends

she is flexible with time during the day – could be early or later.

flexibility is a really important thing for her!!!

Nature of their jobs and lives
it stays pretty stable and is as is
there is always room to work more

5-6 days a week –

There is always the work
there is staff there all the time.

9000 sq ft – not all being used
not a difficult house to keep tidy and clean

cannot have someone who absolutely will not work on a weekend
Some people that dont mind and prefer it and like it – they would work every weekend

every other sunday off

right now she

has hired many many people over the years.
continue to grow and there is always have hired many many many people

guarantees and things like that –

20 years of working with the family
recent encounter with someone who was running the house and running the staff
lead housekeepers – who has been stealing (her name is simon cowell michael bay
Violet Ramirez / Roseio

husband and her and two children
mother will come to help with the kids

currently has a houseman and two housekeepers full time and also a nanny – very very nice
one of the girls who focuses mostly on laundry – their english is not fantastic – can she be a lifer? not sure..
the help has been there

likes tidy and organized
she has that extra support to make it a very nice environment to
people don’t usually leave.

wants to see references and all that…

hardwood floors – new modern farm house. very clean.
Needs someone who is very organized, tidy
shows up on time, reliable, flexible, super organized

would be trained

it’s a formal home that doesn’t always functioning like a formal home.

her and husband work out of the house and they are high profile, no so stiff,

someone who has been trained.
5 days –

someone who loves kids
might make a meal for the kids.

they have 7 days coverage – they need 7 days coverage –

5 days a week –
on the books

or only cash

laundress – $40
housekeeper $35

room to grow
health insurance stipend

This job has been filled.

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