Groundskeeper and Handyman for Amazing Creative Family Historic Home on the Eastside


Posted : 01/01/70

Amazing client with amazing House Manager needs a wonderful Groundskeeper and Handyman to help manage this historic and gorgeous property.

This person needs to be a handy person, who can handle cleaning up the property, making sure the gardener does his job, the pool man shows up, covers the outdoor furniture at night before going home, fixes things around the house, seals up windows fixes doors, paint touch ups, etc.

You will work an 8 hour day Monday-Friday unless you are needed to work on a weekend if there is an event.

There is always something to repair on this property as the home is 101 years old this year. It’s less about coordinating schedules for vendors (the house manager will do that) and more about maintaining your own daily and weekly/monthly/annual to-do list: restarting cable boxes, figuring out why AppleTV doesn’t work, dealing with the fridge making weird noise, dusting off outdoor furniture, testing appliances, water heater in guest house is leaking, replace light fixtures, cleaning rain gutters, restaining front door, etc. etc. on top of troubleshooting/fixing general things that come up. Someone that can work in tandem with a house manager but also take their own initiative. It would be the groundskeeper’s responsibility to alert house manager of more in-depth repairs or projects and the two will work together to source and schedule vendors.

Salary would commensurate with experience.  The person must be vaccinated for Covid, fluent in English – huge plus if you are Bilingual in Spanish, and have a clear background.

Amazing client, we have worked with them before!

This job has been filled.

This job has been filled, but feel free to checkout some of our other open postings!

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