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House manager position in BH


Posted : 09/08/23

Duties: Employee will devote over one-half of her working time to managerial and administrative duties requiring the regular exercise of discretion and independent judgment, with little or no supervision, including the following:
Interviewing, selecting, recommending, hiring, training, evaluating, supervising, and terminating Household staff, service providers and vendors; supervising and overseeing temporary Household service providers and workers, such as workers who may be engaged for an event at the Household or for repairs or remodeling; scheduling and overseeing the workload and performance of Household staff; training Household staff regarding daily timesheets and expense reports; ensuring that the timesheets and expense reports for staff are completed and submitted in a timely manner for payroll and recordkeeping purposes; creating, maintaining and implementing policies for the running of the Household and management of the staff; planning, budgeting, implementing, and overseeing Household projects; assisting in planning events, overseeing preparation for events, and ensuring that events run smoothly; troubleshooting and problem-solving Household maintenance, projects and staffing issues; managing Family and Household calendars; ensuring that the Household remains stocked with up-to-date emergency disaster kits; managing any construction or renovation projects for the Household properties; overseeing and ensuring that the needs of Household guests are attended to (e.g., ensuring that staff members assist guests with making appointments, making car arrangements and or taking clothes to dry cleaning); ensuring that any family pet(s) are appropriate maintained; ensuring that the Household is well-stocked with cleaning and grocery supplies; overseeing the running of errands by staff; overseeing the purchasing of gifts and Household items; ensuring home is properly insured (e.g.,
earthquake insurance); working in tandem with business management to conscientiously vet vendors for quality as well as price comparison; and executing any other duties as directed by Company or the Family that may arise during the course of employment. Salary 150k plus good benefits

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