Houseman Needed for Beautiful Home MUST LOVE BIG DOGS


Posted : 01/01/70

The houseman is responsible for the heavy housework, such as cleaning the hardwood and marble floors, vacuuming, polishing silver, accepting heavy deliveries, and moving furniture and other items, vehicle maintenance, perform household repairs, assist housekeepers, running errands, maintaining household cleaning supplies, driving, take care of trash, recycling inside and outside household, automobile care and maintenance, gardening, serving for events and parties, care of pets, making sure all HVAC & generator equipment is in working order.. Additional specific duties of the houseman may include, but are not limited to:

• Cleaning – heavy interior and exterior
• Perform household repairs and assist the housekeepers if needed
• Automobile care and maintenance
• Gardening, serving for events and parties, care of pets
• Oversee operations of all HVAC and other mechanical equipment to ensure working order
• Run errands
• Clean, set up, and wax all floor surface areas.
• Clean and/or shampoo carpet and upholstery.
• Set up, operate, and breakdown all cleaning equipment.
• Clean and/or polish brass, mirrors, glass, light fixtures, and chandeliers.
• Clean all walls and ceilings and report repairs needed.
• Clean and empty linen and trash containers.
• Receive inventory and deliver all housekeeping supplies.
• Perform and/or assist with other cleaning and delivery responsibilities as needed.
• Perform various landscaping duties.
• Administer maintenance of pools, tennis courts, gym facilities, etc.

Salary for a Houseman is based on the amount of experience, duties and hours included in the job description

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