Estate manager for gorgeous estate in Brentwood

05/07/2021 | | |

• Complete Project Management pertaining to multiple properties.

• Tasks Encompass but may not be limited to:
o Complete oversight of principals’ homes and properties; maintaining consistency of standards, procedures and services.
o Organizational and file management system oversight for all residential offices.
o Maintain and update all household manuals, policies and processes.
o Interface with accountants, attorneys, curators, architects, financial advisors, vendors, all staff.
o Daily communication with principals and other support staff to ensure smooth operations.
o Maintaining seasonal routines and procedures for the household interior and exterior needs: landscaping, window washing, power washing, etc.
o Supervise construction and renovation projects, from design to coordination of schedules, inspections during various construction phases, monitoring permits, and daily oversight of subcontractors.
o Experience with handling and caring for fine art, fine furniture, and collectables; Moving furniture, lifting, cleaning.
o Demonstrate high-end design sensibilities and appreciation of aesthetic quality.
o Wine Cellar Maintenance.
o Oversee all security efforts and security management vendors on all properties.
o Order and maintain household supply inventories: cleaning supplies, beverages and snacks, etc.
o Oversee all maintenance and documentation of Automobiles.
o Oversight of all Emergency preparedness trainings, certifications, equipment inventory and security
o Organize and oversee travel arrangements for Principles.
o Assist with shopping and special requests when needed.
o Oversee and manage the care of all pets.
o Oversee scheduling and smooth operations (orchestrating staff accordingly) for all events at the residences.
o Working closely with Business Office to manage estate records and budgets of all properties.
o Approve all purchase orders and vendor invoices with principal/s authorization; submit for processing.


• Applicants must possess a formal yet comfortable demeanor, a hands-on attitude, and be flexible with their schedule.