Calling all Keto chefs

05/20/2021 | | |

We think it might be easier to give you the likes and dislikes for this client. Please let us know your salary requirement if you are interested in cooking for this family!!

> I finally heard back about the wish list/preferences. See below:
>       • Strict Keto Diet
>       • Lunch: they mostly eat out, but it can be light with protein, such as salad, sandwich.
>       • Dinner: typically served in 3 courses.
>       • Meats cooked well done (filet, no fatty cuts).
>       • Restrictions:
>               • No regular or refined or processed sugar; substitute for stevia, truvia, monk fruit sugar.
>               • No eggs for breakfast or any dishes that have them, but can be used when baking. Preference to use egg whites to minimize cholesterol.
>               • No avocado or blue cheese; very little cheese when served.
>               • No fish or seafood.
>               • No gluten, transfats, or processed foods.
>       • Flexible schedule; It could be as part- time based on 15 days/month or on an call basis.
Teach the houskeeper how to make the keto breakfast for them • Breakfast: turkey bacon, protein smoothies for breakfast.