Drop Off Chef Wanted

07/19/2021 | | |

Drop Off Chef Wanted: We are working with a super cool family in the Palisades. Both parent work … a LOT, and they need help feeding themselves and their two school-aged children. It would be IDEAL to have food dropped off every day Monday-Thursday. They would love dinners + some items for breakfast and lunch (including more creative school lunches). The teenage daughter is an adventurous eater who would LOVE to be involved and pitch menu ideas; however, her younger brother is picky! Mom & Dad are happy with protein, veggies, salads and the occasional starch. Overall, this family is easy going and fun; however, they don’t all want to eat the same food. There’s some crossover of course — but it’s a bit of a special order situation. The ideal candidate is in the $40-$50/hour range and lives West side (for the daily drop off’s). Please reach out if you are a creative Chef interested in consistent work with a GREAT and appreciative family!!!!

Thank you!