Twelve Week Temp Job with Twelve Year old in Beverly Hills

08/31/2021 | | |

Single Mom and her 12 year old daughter are in Beverly Hills for 3 months and need a big sister, camp counselor type! You will be hanging with the 12 year old, making sure she gets tutored 2-3 hours per day , gets some exercise, and has some fun. There is a pool and of course she loves tick tok and all teenage things! Schedule is 5 days a week – you will get two days off- please be flexible with your schedule , be flexible to sleep over – mom pays hourly with overtime after 9 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week, $100 if you are needed to sleep over, you are reimbursed for gas, and you will be paid weekly by direct deposit ( no taxes). Looking for someone who is cool and fun and young at heart! Please reach out! Must be vaccinated!