Palisades Family needs Family Assistant with Culinary training

01/14/2022 | | |

Family of four people ( mom and dad work from home) twin boy /girl 8 years old go to school all day needs a Family Assistant Cook- A true cook and someone who has culinary experience and training.
They live in the Palisades. The job starts at 12 noon when you put on your chef/ cook hat and go to either Whole Foods or Gelsons, or maybe the wine store to get moms list of things she likes, then you go back to the house and stock the fridge and do some meal prep.
Mom likes to always have two salads in the fridge, the kids need lunches for school 5 days a week, and dinner is always something yummy – mom has ideas on the NY times app or you can brainstorm together…. usually the kids eat a more plain version of what the parents eat.
At 330 pm, the kids come home on the bus, thats when you put on your family assistant hat, mom takes one kid to sports and you take the other kid to drama and you divide and conquer. You may also need to help with spelling and homework and some childcare. You meet back at the house for dinner time where you will prepare dinner. Family pays on the books , two weeks paid vacation, sick days and paid holidays…. General schedule is M-F Hours are 12-8 Monday – Friday. Occasionally once a week Mom and Dad go out to dinner so please be flexible to stay late 1-2 nights.