Cheviot Hills TEMP Nanny Needed ASAP

08/21/2022 | | |

Family with two kiddos; age 6 & 9 need a TEMP Nanny who can ideally work Monday from 9a to 6p, Tuesday from 8a to 6p, Wednesday from 8a to 2p, Thursday from 2p to 7p & Friday from 8a to 2p. The family has contracted Covid. Mom is at the very tail end of her quarantine and the 6-year old tested positive Thursday. Everyone is masked up and following all safety protocol to stop the spread. Mom works (from home) and can’t send the 6-year old to school all week. She would love to find a Nanny willing to help out this week. Perhaps someone who has recently had Covid. Please reach out if interested. THANK YOU!