BH FT Nanny

07/27/2016 | | |

Warm & lovely Beverly Hills family is looking for an experienced Nanny to work long hours, Monday through Friday.  The hours will vary depending on need, but an average day will be 8:00am to 7:00pm.  They will likely use up to 60 hours per week.  The children are four (a little boy) and 9 months (a girl).  Mom is in and out, and this is a full charge position.  This family is looking for a Nanny who has long references, and can be super flexible.  They like to travel a lot (summers in the Bahamas, Easter in Europe etc … ) and while you won’t be expected to be gone every holiday, they would like you to be willing to travel minimum twice a year.  They have a full time Housekeeper, but hope you will be willing to be helpful in the house.  They offer paid holidays, sick and vacation days, and a Nanny car to use on the job.  This is a fabulous job for an experienced Nanny who is looking to be part of a family for years to come.  Please let us know if you are interested.  Thank you!