Executive Assistant needed to be the right hand for CFO at Hot Start Up

09/13/2016 | | |

This is an extraordinary opportunity to learn from an industry leader and be his right hand! You must have exceptional references and least 5-8+ years working as an EA and hopefully at least half of those supporting a C-Level Executive. Please have a stellar work ethic, be tech savvy, a desire to get things done before your boss can even think he needs them and be a calendar wiz. You will have all of the typical admin duties in addition to project management and speaking on your bosses behalf. An interest in sales/marketing/beauty industry is a must!

Salary is 70-75k with a 10% annual bonus, 70% of your health insurance covered (PPO,) 2 weeks paid vacation and major holidays off/paid! 401k is anticipated to start around the end of 2016.