Santa Monica Child Friendly Housekeeper

10/18/2016 | | |

Superstar working Mom/Dad with two children is looking for a Housekeeper who can cook simple family dinners, and is willing to occasionally drive and be with two charming children, ages 4 & 7.  This is a job for someone who likes to do different things, day to day, and who wants to be part of a LOVING family.  Typically, the day ends at around 6:30pm, but you might be asked to stay late one night so Mom and Dad can go out for dinner.  This job involves house management, cleaning, shopping, errands & cooking. The family is NOT expecting a gourmet Chef, but applicants should enjoy cooking.  This wonderful family is looking for someone to work on a long-term basis.  If you are looking for an understanding forever family — look no further!  Pay is $22-$25/hour on the books.  Please reach out if you are interested.  Thank you!