Live in Family Assistant needed in Brentwood

01/17/2018 | | |

Recently divorced Dad with two darling children, ages 7 & 10, and a gorgeous Brentwood guest house is looking for a flexible, go-with-the-flow live in Nanny who loves to travel! We are looking for a team player who is happy to load the dishes or jump in with bbqing on the grill, etc etc. Dad has the kiddos part-time so some weeks will be 15 hours and some weeks will be 40. Every week is different. Dad needs a Nanny who is willing to help manage the house, do projects, run errands, deal with venders, go to the market, and basically to function as a family assistant. The ideal candidate is a great homework helper who is tech savvy (shared calendars and mobile apps make this family on-the-go a well oiled machine), energetic and educated. Dad is looking for someone who can have dinner on the table when the kids are with him. Pay is $750/week cash, plus per diem of $200 per day cash when traveling. These kids are super sporty kids who loves sports and doing outdoor activities! We want a basketball player, someone who loves soccer or someone who can jump in the pool with the kids . The kids are great skiier. He gives $200 cash per day for travel. If you are an independent self starter who is looking to be needed and appreciated, but not micro-managed — this is the position for you! You must have a car and drive! There is a ton of free time as you are not working when they are at the mom’s house.