PT Manny Needed For 8 Year Old Boy

09/13/2018 | | |

Hello Mannies! We have a darling family in the Palisades looking for help. There are three children in the home, but this position is exclusively for the youngest child — an adorable 8 year old boy in second grade. He has SUPER mild ADHD and needs a buddy to be 110% focused on him after school. He’s bright and fun, but prefers to play over doing his homework (who doesn’t?!). He needs a designated caretaker who will keep him on task. The true hours of need are 3pm to 6/7pm and duties are typical, i.e. getting a healthy snack — doing homework and then playing, surfing, building forts — the sky is the limit so long as homework has been completed. We know many candidates need more than 20 hours per week — if that’s the case for you — Mom will find additional hours for you! There are two dogs who need to be walked and lots of errands, house management and etc … so if you’re interested in working with this family, but find yourself in need of more hours — please let us know. This is not a TUTORING position that will pay well over a typical Manny rate. It’s a Manny position — the homework is still minimal and fairly simple. It’s all about having a singular focus for this wonderful little guy. Please reach out if you are interested. Thanks so much!