Awesome Full-Time Nanny Job

01/22/2019 | | |

Full time working parents with two delicious babies (a 3 year old girl & a 4 month old boy) are looking for a Nanny who can EITHER work Sunday from around 8:00am to 4:00pm plus Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 7:30am to 7:00pm (about 44 hours per week) OR M-F, 12 hours each day (60 hours each week). The family travels a few times a year (NY, Hawaii etc …) and would like to hire a Nanny who is willing to travel both domestically and internationally. When Dad travels, Mom would like to have Nanny spend the night. Duties include driving, childcare, light housekeeping & light cooking. The family is E. side now, but will soon be moving to the Palisades. Pay is $25/hour cash (for all 12 hours) plus two weeks paid vacation, paid holidays & paid sick days. Overnights are paid at a rate of $150/night. We are looking for an experienced Nanny who is VERY warm and loving. Please reach out if interested in this awesome opportunity. Thank you!