Estate Manager Needed in Malibu

10/10/2019 | | |

We are looking for a Malibu-based EM who is capable of overseeing additional homes in NYC & DC. This job works M-F from 9am to 5pm when the family is OOT. When the family is in town, the EM works long hours — generally 12-hours on weekdays and the weekend. There will be some travel to DC & NYC as needed, though most of the mgmt. is done from afar. Duties include managing staff, overseeing vendors & contractors, coordinating with designers for each location, assuring delivery and placement of items, coordinating and outsourcing Chefs and acting as a white-glove concierge when the family is in town, helping with any reservations, purchases, gifting and etc … — Pay is in the $130k-$140k range, plus two weeks paid vacation and health benefits. Please reach out if you are an seasoned EM who has previous experience managing multiple properties. Thank you!