Weekend Jane of all Trades

06/12/2020 | | |

Weekend Jane of all Trades: Family in Holmby Hills with three children, ages 4, 7 & 9 is looking for WEEKEND help on both Saturday & Sunday. The ideal candidate has estate experience, loves children & loves to cook! This job is a mix of childcare, house work and cooking. There are two full time housekeepers who work M-F, so the house is beautifully maintained. We are looking for a SELF STARTER who will fully take charge so Mom and Dad can enjoy some time on their own. The family is looking for simple healthy delicious meals — nothing fussy or gourmet. The schedule will vary based on whether or not Mom/Dad are going out at night. They will guarantee 8 hours minimum each day. Pay is on the books. Please reach out if you are interested. Thank you!