Posted : 01/01/70

Darling family is looking for a temporary Nanny to work January 20th through February 6th in Flagstaff, Arizona.  The children are 6 years old (a boy) and 3.5 (a girl).  Mom and Dad will be out of the country, and Grandma will be in town to help, but will be needing an extra set of hands.  You will be guaranteed forty hours per week, and will likely work more.  Airfare to and from Flagstaff will be provided.  Please let us know if you are interested in picking up a quick temp. job, and if so, what you might charge.  Thank you!

In our ideal scenario:
Friday 1/20:
Nanny flies to Flagstaff (FLG), meets family, settles in to detached guest house.
Saturday & Sunday 1/21-22:
Approximately 8 hours work each day, exact timing to be negotiated. Focus is on getting acquainted with kids & household & routines. One or both parents around during much of this, but trying to have some “kids-nanny time” away from parents toward building the relationship.
Monday – Friday 1/23-27:
Approximately 8 hours work each day, split through the day.
7am-8:30am: Helping with kid mornings and light kitchen cleanup after kids leave for school (kids leave home at 8-8:10 typically).
Most days there would be 1-2 hours of light chores or errands during school time.
2:15-2:30pm: pick up kids from school. Most afternoons kids come home and have the afternoon at home. Nanny would be in charge of kids & activities. (Wednesday afternoon is swim lesson and Nanny would come along to see where it is and how things work.)
~5:15pm (sometimes as early as 5pm): Kid dinner. Nanny would prepare dinner. We can provide example menus of what they’ve been eating recently, fairly simple meals. (Also very happy to have new foods introduced & often someone besides a parent has more luck with that!)
After dinner: bath or shower on most days.
By about 6:15pm kids are winding down and reading stories on sofa. 6:45pm Brush teeth, change to pajamas
7pm Lights out for Irene after a song
7:15-7:30pm Lights out for Felix after some more story reading in bed and a song. He’s often awake until ~8pm and sometimes requests additional 10 minute quick “check-ons”.
After kids in bed there’s typically some light cleanup in the kitchen, plus making the kids lunches for the next school day.
Once kids and Nanny are comfortable after a couple of evenings, we would take a “date night” or two where Nanny would be responsible for kids from dinner time through to bed time & we’d return home at about 9-9:30pm.
Saturday 1/28:
Laura & Henry depart at about 9am to catch their flight from Flagstaff airport on their way to the job interview and site visit in Chile. This will be the first time that both parents are away from the kids overnight.
Nanny would move from guest house to our bedroom to be in same building as kids at night.
Henry’s Mom (Alice Roe) will have arrived some time before Laura & Henry depart. Before Laura & Henry depart (and while Nanny is staying in guest house), Alice would sleep at a nearby bed & breakfast. Once the Nanny is staying in the main house, Alice would shift to the guest house.
Saturday/Sunday 1/28-29:
No planned events. We can offer up suggestions of outings and activities with the kids. Alice & Nanny will coordinate so that neither is “on duty” all day long, but the Nanny would be the one up in the middle of the night if the kids need anything.
Monday-Friday 1/30-2/3:
Kids get up betwen 6 and 7 am typically. They need breakfast, get dressed, teeth brushed, and ready for school. Can leave house as early as 7:55am, but typically we leave at 8:05-8:10am to drop them off in carline. (Carline runs 8:05-8:25 and is 10-12 minutes away.)
Most days there would be 1-2 hours of light chores or errands during school time.
Note: We live in Flagstaff and it is the middle of winter. There can sometimes be a “snow day” where school is cancelled, in which case a weekday becomes more like a weekend day.
2:15-2:25pm: Pick up kids from school in afternoon carline.
Monday/Tuesday: bring kids home and home-based activities until dinner. Evening schedule is same as listed above.
Wednesday: Pick kids up from school, take to swim lesson, and then bring home for dinner and bedtime routine.
Thursday 2/2: Henry is scheduled to return to Flagstaff mid-morning. Given the nature of international travel, if he’s delayed there’s a good chance it’s a 24 hour delay. (Laura is flying back from Chile to Dallas at the same time as Henry, but is going on to San Francisco for the weekend and won’t be back to
Flagstaff until Monday 2/6.)
Ideally the nanny would stay through the weekend of 2/4-2/5 and depart on Monday 2/6 in order to help Henry as he’s going to be exhausted and also likely very busy with follow-up from the job interview & trip. We definitely want an overlap cushion of time of at least 1-2 days in case Henry’s travel is delayed.

This job has been filled.

This job has been filled, but feel free to checkout some of our other open postings!

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