Personal Assistant for lovely European princess


Posted : 01/01/70

·   Professionally represent the family in correspondence, coordination, research and planning. 
·   Work closely and directly with the family to intimately understand and anticipate their needs. 
·   Build and maintain relationships and rapport with vendors, frequented establishments and associates of the family. 
·   Maintain the family’s calendars with detailed notes about appointments, contact information and directions. 
·   Plan and execute small and large events with significantly varying guest lists. 
·   Shopping on behalf of the family and in coordination with the family’s stylists. 
·   Work closely with the Chief of Staff to plan, coordinate and book highly complex travel involving staff and resources globally to ensure the family is fully comfortable upon arrival. 
·   Work with local concierge to suggest and plan activities for the family while they travel. 
·   Liaise with the family and the Estate Manager to prepare and maintain packing lists and oversee packing. 
·   Work with the family and Estate Manager to prepare and maintain lists of items that should be stocked within the household.  
·   Ship items globally, as needed.
·   Sell items no longer wanted or needed by the family.
·   Plan highly complex travel and coordinate and organize staff availability, meticulously oversee packing, prepare and maintain packing lists, on trips with frequent changes.
·   Planning events, parties and gatherings at the property. 
·   Maintain meticulous records of all spending provide this to Management and family accountants. 
·   Work with the family’s doctors, schools, and service providers to prepare and maintain meticulous records of the family’s medical, educational and other personal records. 
·   Work with the family’s stylists to maintain an inventory of the family’s personal clothing and jewellery and art when required.

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