Personal Assistant for young man at college


Posted : 01/01/70

Personal Assistant (PA)

Education and Experience
To excel in this job and enjoy it, the qualified applicant will have:
 ability to analyze situations and behaviors to discern what is needed,
 a demonstrated record of resourceful initiative, and
 a Bachelors degree required
Skills and Personal Qualities
Regardless of education and experience, the following skills and personal qualities are essential to succeeding in and enjoying this job for its challenges and rewards:

 outstanding written and verbal communication skills,
 excellent interpersonal skills and cooperative team spirit,
 superb phone etiquette and strong presence in dealing with the Principals, their friends and associates, other office staff, or key vendors,
 organizational skill and the ability to stay on top of appointments and deadlines,
 resourcefulness in gathering detailed information,
 a careful eye for detail in written materials,
 patience and thoroughness when supplying and checking daily details,
 ability to anticipate and plan for contingencies that could cause problems,
 creativity and resourcefulness in problem solving,
 an eye for quality and process improvement,
 monitoring and managing project work to keep tasks on track by providing reminders as needed,
 eagerness to be of service.

As the list above suggests, the clients are detail-oriented people, so they especially appreciate accuracy and thoroughness.

Personal Qualities
 Detail oriented. This job requires careful attention to details that, though they may seem small to some, are very important.
 Anticipation. Schedules sometimes make it impossible to pre-specify every detail that is necessary for a particular meeting or activity. Excellence in this job means being the kind of person who takes the initiative to think through what is not said to anticipate what will or might be needed.
 Skill in tenaciously drawing information out of this young man that is needed to assist him successfully.
 Creativity and Curiosity. It helps to be intellectually curious enough to see the potential significance of the activities being supported.
 Energy and Enthusiasm. Success requires the energy and drive needed to stay ahead of the projects when possible.
 Sturdy constitution. The work can be emotionally and physically taxing. In those times when it is hard to keep up, it also requires having a thick skin and an ability to find the learning experience in tough situations.
 Problem-solving ability. This role requires creativity and resourcefulness in problem solving. When given projects that are challenging given the timing, or location, or when asked to assist with something outside your area of expertise, the ability to think through the issues, develop a strategy, coordinate with necessary parties, and deliver on these requests is crucial.
 Wisdom and discernment. Ability to balance the demands of the job with their own personal lives and needs. A desire to say yes to service requests, but when a “no” must be given; it can be done with grace, humor and constructive suggestions for alternatives.

Representative list of specific duties
The job includes but is not limited to duties such as the following:
 remind him where he needs to be and what he needs to bring,
 monitor e-mail account and track things that need attention,
 heavily oversee all school registrations for classes and keep him organized
 bring critical items to attention and track the items to completion,
 thoughtfully and kindly question him to draw information that you need to be aware of,
 wake up calls in the morning, and gentle nudges to stop playing video games when the schedule says he should be doing something else, like studying

 track his school and personal schedules, appointments, and assignments due dates
 coordinate personal calendar,
 maintain accurate schedule of appointments in calendar.

Appointments and Preparation
 assist him with knowing proper attire for various occasions,
 collect any special materials requested and deliver in advance,
 assist to make sure he has what he needs on hand,
 track projects and assist along the way.

Routines and “To Do” Lists
 respond to daily requests,
 pick up cleaning as needed as well as doing shopping runs, etc.,

Filing and Data
 File for easy retrieval,
 assist David with organization of his personal things and school items,
 maintain lists of subscriptions.

Office Coordination
 communicate with the other departments,
 coordinate meetings and activities with other people involved, such as calendar or project meetings,
 work with other staff at the Company as needed
 order supplies, books/DVDs/CDs and various items as requested; verify orders; remove all wrapping and sort into the preferred style.

 some travel may be involved as needed.

In addition to normal hours, this job may require occasional work time on evenings or weekends.

This job has been filled.

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