temp chef needed for a hancock park family part time


Posted : 01/01/70

We are looking for a versatile chef that will be responsible for making dinners – cooks and then leaves it ready to be heated up or ready to eat depending on what is made. The family keeps random hours, so having everything labeled and ready makes it easy for the wife to throw it all together when her husband gets home. They would also like soups, salads, marinades for the days that you are not there, along with lunches for the next day. (Just left overs are fine) You will also be responsible for doing the shopping and keeping the pantry cleaned out. The family eats fairly healthy meals, no mayo, they rarely use butter, but love herbs for all the flavor.
They eat pretty healthy, they never use mayonnaise ever and they rarely use butter, Lots of veggies, it is basically a Mediterranean diet but the husband enjoys Steak, fish, pork, lamb etc. They also have dessert sometimes, tarts, apple crisps, cookies and maybe even pie one in a while.

This job has been filled.

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