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Posted : 01/01/70

The last nanny has been with the family for 5 years! Here is a bit of what she does: she picks the girls up every day after school and takes them to all activities – which she also plans. She plans their play dates, and has been an incredibly integral part of the household.
It’s 5 days a week, mostly afternoons and evenings, with very occasional weekend overnights.  It would be great to have someone with some flexibility for the occasional day off of school when they are both working. 
They would love someone smart and friendly – outgoing enough to be able to make friends with other nannies, and a great driver.  It’d be fantastic if they could help with homework but not essential. The girls are genius. They need someone smart and funny, but who can also hold a strong line. 
Someone playful who also knows how to teach self control, by example or verbally. 
I think this helps the girls with being respectful and aware outside of the family because their family is so free. 

Someone musical would be a dream. Both girls are incredibly gifted with music. 

Because they are so smart and gifted, everything comes easy to them. I’d love someone who isn’t afraid to support them by stretching them a little. Encouraging them in things that are challenging for them. Sports, friendships, volunteering, activities, helping around the house, etc. and keeping them consistent in these things. 
I think it helps grow their emotional strength. 

They all need someone flexible and easy going. This is not a rigid family, but also someone who is timely, organized, good with scheduling and personal communication. Those qualities are a big part of the job.  

The youngest girl needs someone consistent and patient. She is outspoken and energetic with many ideas. Guiding her through it all can be fun and sometimes challenging. 
There is a car for their use. It’s Studio City based, so someone that lives close is a bonus.
The nanny will be responsible for girls laundry, plus sometimes running to the grocery store and helping to tidy up – but it is not a housekeeper job. Full easy English fluency is essential. A sweet and easygoing personality is great. Please let us know if you are interested!

This job has been filled.

This job has been filled, but feel free to checkout some of our other open postings!

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