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Weekend Nanny Venice Family


Posted : 03/03/23

We are looking for a weekend nanny (and incredible human) to help our busy family in Venice. While this is primarily for our 9 month old, it will also include caring for our 7 year old at times. This is a weekend position (Friday 7pm to Monday 7am mostly, but flexibility key) – ideally live-in.
A little about us:
We are a single-family household; both parents are entrepreneurs with busy and quickly-evolving schedules. We travel semi-regularly, mainly to NYC, Colorado or Europe.
We work hard to maintain a loving and healthy environment for our children and want them to be nourished in mind, body, and spirit. How we model communication and resilience with a nanny is key to their interpersonal development. We are incredibly health-conscious, especially about nutrition, and care deeply about kindness and clear communication. We have no family members to help us with childcare regularly, so we rely on all outside help. We are loving and welcoming.
Here’s our dream:
First and foremost, we are looking for someone kind, loving, intelligent, patient, curious, intuitive, committed to personal self-care, and with extensive experience and knowledge of caring for a toddler through important developmental stages. Ideally, you have a formal early childhood education degree, deep knowledge and expertise in infant and toddler health and cognitive development, safety training beyond the standard requirements (water, CPR, etc.), and proficiency with communication, organization, and digital tools. Most important to us is love, safety, and a healthy, nurturing dynamic with exceedingly clear communication.
On the weekend, we’re looking for someone to be there when we need them and do their own thing and find other areas of productivity when we take the kids out or want to have family time. You are a team player and will coordinate and communicate with our weekday nanny to ensure consistency for the kids and that information passes seamlessly. This may include the preparation of some food for the baby or some baby laundry to get a head start on the week.
We have incredibly demanding schedules, so every moment we have with our children is precious and needs to be protected and nurtured. We care about clear and kind communication, fluidity, ease around scheduling, and care for the spaces in our home with particular attention to the cleanliness and organization of their rooms, things in common spaces, preparation of their food, and proactive planning for activities and supplies. Being adept with technology is also very important – this includes iPhone, text, camera app, driving directions, etc. We also need someone who may be able to travel should our weekday nanny not be able to.
Additional Responsibilities include:● The kitchen and the maintenance of their spaces and things—their rooms and drawers, bookshelves, their bathroom, our common spaces where their items are and/or while traveling, is something we value greatly as lack of clutter is essential for clarity of thought and play.
● Packing, organizing, moving out what’s not used or outgrown regularly, coordination around what supplies are needed, and ownership to communicate what needs to be ordered. Including age and developmental-stage-appropriate toys and other needs to ensure we have everything you need to do your job well and that they have everything they need to help them thrive.
Your health and self-care is important to us – if you’re happy and healthy, our sons will be well taken care of 🙂 We want you to be clear about your needs—for example, when you need to eat and what you need to be able to do your job well. This clarity will also ensure that we maintain a healthy working dynamic.
Lastly, and this is the part we have learned a lot about—how you handle miscommunication with the children and us is as essential as all of the above. Your poise, patience, and emotional maturity in the most challenging moments are what you are most proud of and what your references will say about you. You are a mindful and experienced partner in caring for our children and our relationship as a family. The clarity of communication, how you process conflict, and how that is resolved in our home is especially meaningful and critical for this to “work”. You are positive, grateful, optimistic, perceptive, and empathic, ask questions before making assumptions or judgments and are open to learning and new ideas (despite your years of experience).
You are an early morning person (and we mean early 🙂 and how you process being tired is also important to the energy of our home.

This job has been filled.

This job has been filled, but feel free to checkout some of our other open postings!

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